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All Out November 5th: No More Band-Aids or Bail-Outs For The Rich

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As part of the Campaign for a Poverty Free Ontario Province-Wide Day of Action

Thursday, November 5th, 2009
1:30 pm
St. James Park (King St. East and Jarvis St.)

For years, they have been telling us no money exists for decent wages, proper housing, childcare, education or health care and, certainly, no money to ensure that poor people on assistance can pay the rent and eat properly. Yet when the banks and corporations ask for help, public money suddenly becomes available to them. This bail-out money is lining the pockets of CEOs, while thousands of workers are either laid off or forced to take devastating concessions.

For poor people in Ontario, this economic crisis has rubbed salt in our wounds. We’ve been living with too little for far too long. This downturn is unfolding in a context where social supports have already been cut back and devastated. All three levels of government have already made clear they will not put resources into social programs crucial to our survival. In fact, they will try to do the very opposite. As the downturn cuts into revenues, governments will try to cut vital programs in order to balance their books.

As this system moves into crisis, those in power move to profit once again at our expense. This is capitalism’s crisis – they broke it, and we’re not paying to fix it! For the needs of poor people, nothing will be provided unless we fight together. We will become a priority when we pose enough of a problem that that they have to treat us as one. Otherwise, we will be the ones paying for this crisis. Public money must be put into the hands of the people who need it. Join us on Thursday, November 5th!

We demand:
-Affordable and Accessible Housing: increased social housing and access to proper shelter supports
-Decent Income: Increased Social Assistance by 40%, Increased (Un)Employment Insurance and Minimum Wage
-Status for all immigrants and refugees: access to services without fear
-Justice For First Nations: stop economic warfare and recognize sovereignty

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