Toronto Palestine Film Festival: October 25 – November 1st
October 25 to November 1, 2008

October 25 to November 1, 2008

The first annual Toronto Palestine Film Festival (TPFF) is scheduled to take place October 2008 in various theatres in Toronto. It will feature 40 films, and the week will also include a series of workshops.

Conceived by Palestine House, the Festival is an important component of the year-long activities commemorating the 60th Anniversary of the Nakba. The Nakba, “the catastrophe” in Arabic, describes the 1948 expulsion of the indigenous population from Palestine. Organizers of TPFF came together to highlight the often neglected, suppressed and distorted Palestinian narrative, a collective experience similar to indigenous peoples in Canada and in other countries around the world. While highlighting the work of Palestinian filmmakers, the Festival will showcase the diverse and creative work of all filmmakers (any nationality) exploring both historic and contemporary themes related to Palestinian identities, culture, and narrative.

While the Palestinian Diaspora in Toronto has been growing, there is little mainstream knowledge about Palestinian history, culture and arts. TPFF emerged out of calls for such knowledge by community leaders and members. Since cinema is a powerful means for visually interpreting the collective identity and historic struggle of the Palestinian people, we hope to create an opening in the artistic field within Toronto, in attempts to contribute to the multi-cultural and diverse nature of this city.

TPFF is scheduled to take place between October 24 and November 1, 2008 in various locations throughout the GTA. The festival will consist of twenty-two programs and sixty films, including Canadian premiers of acclaimed films such as Driving to Zigzigland (2007) and Sling Shot Hip-Hop (2008). Special invited directors will introduce Opening and Closing screenings and Q&As.

We are constantly updating our website, so for more information, please visit: www.tpff.ca

To volunteer with TPFF, please email volunteers@tpff.ca

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