Reparations Committee: *WEEK OF ACTION (October 20-25)*

Reparations Committee: *WEEK OF ACTION (October 20-25)* *



Join us for this dramatic thriller about freedom fighters in Apartheid South Africa, based on a true story. Watch this high-suspense film and learn about U of T’s role in supporting Apartheid South Africa.

Mon. Oct. 20 (6:30 pm) U of T Centre for Women and Trans People (563 Spadina Ave.)


Governing Council is meeting again. This is the highest-governing body at the University of Toronto. The University of Toronto invested a minimum of 5.5 million dollars in Apartheid South Africa, which contributed to enduring economic, political, psychological and social damages unto Black people. Demonstrate outside this meeting to voice your concerns about U of T’s role in apartheid and support the call for acknowledgement, reconciliation, and reparations.

Thursday, Oct. 23 (4:00 pm) Simcoe Hall (27 King’s College Circle)


The 1973 United Nations Convention declared Apartheid to be a crime against humanity. In lead up to United Nations Day, phone, fax and email President David Naylor daily demanding U of T atone for its complicity in Apartheid.

Ph: (416) 978-4163 president@utoronto.ca; cc: reparationscommittee@gmail.com

Fri. Oct. 25 (United Nations Day)

Sample Message Below:

Dear Dr. David Naylor:

On Thursday September 18, the Reparations Committee at the University of Toronto held an immensely successful forum and demonstration attracting over 100 Black students and allies throughout the course of the day’s events; and endorsed by over 30 diverse organizations locally and internationally. Our peaceful assembly, representing a severely marginalized and under-represented group on campus, was met by a lock-down of Simcoe Hall and armed police. Despite numerous requests, no representative from the President’s Office was able to address our congregation.

We call on U of T to take example from Browne University, the University of North Carolina, Emory University and the University of Alabama all who have atoned in diverse ways for participation in 18th century ties to slavery; and to take example from Harvard University who announced students from low-income families will pay no tuition.

The 1973 United Nations Convention declared Apartheid to be a crime against humanity. On the occasion of United Nations Day we kindly request you offer an apology to the Black community for U of T’s historic complicity with Apartheid South Africa and make reparations for that breach.


The Undersigned.

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